Molly B. Bikinis

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Set apart on Santa Monica Street, is one of Ocean Beach’s newer and higher-end boutiques. Molly B. Bikini is an atelier that turns out custom swimsuits not rivaled by any department store. Her collections are representative of the life she spent growing up at the beach—These custom made babies are made to get wet!

Molly B’s intent is to make quality bikinis that can be worn trekking through a rain forest, jumping off a cliff, or sitting on an old dock.  She understands that an active lifestyle demands a quality bikini that can keep up.

Molly B is currently debuting her 2011 line, which is inspired by the nostalgic beach lifestyle of 1970’s California, a time where a bikini had to stay on and perform for an entire day full of activities.

The average turn around time is 10 days.