Hoss Intropia–My new favorite for summer.

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Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love a simple, sexy, and standout dress. Dresses are the staple of my wardrobe because they’re easy. I recently discovered a very cool clothing line called Hoss Intropia at one of San Diego’s hottest boutiques.  Can’t give you the name though because I wouldn’t send my worst enemy into the store. The goods are here, but the owner is a psycho, and doesn’t deserve your business.  Buy Hoss Intropia online!

Hoss Intropia dresses are some of the most unique, feminine, and wearable I’ve seen.  The prices are within reach and the quality of detailed workmanship is obvious.

Hoss began in 1994 with a team of all women designers managed by Paloma Vasquez de Castro–an ex-costume designer for the National Ballet of Spain. The word Intropia is a made-up word combining the two words, interior and utopia.

The inspiration of the line draws from a variety of cultures. The embroidery and boldly colored fabrics create sophisticated creations that look Egyptian, Indian, African, or Spanish Flamenco all at the same time…and still it works.

“The starting point for this collection is the experience of the independent women accustomed to travel. She admires multiple cultures and captures all the details during her voyages around the world,” says Vasquez de Castro.

Hoss is a full clothing line, but I was most impressed by the dresses.

“Dresses, though they may seem frivolous, have a much more important role than just covering our body. They also change our vision of the world and the vision the world has of us.”—Virginia Wolfe