Miss Match–My Savior in OB.

Posted on 1 min read

One of the newest additions to Newport Street, in Ocean Beach, is the very stylish boutique called Miss Match.

Miss Match has a healthy combination of modern edge, evening glamour, and everyday attire.

I was recently in the store and suddenly realized I needed something to wear  for a work event I had that night.  Scrambling around, I asked the sales associate if she could help me find something, anything, to match the shoes I was wearing.  With no time, and not a lot of money, I needed something I could wear casually or dressy.  Within minutes, I walked out of the store with a  cute summery dress for under $40.00. And, it matched my shoes–which were heels. But the dress could also be worn with flip-flops if need be.


The owners are sister team Tali Guarino and Iris Loebenstein. In true boutique style, these ladies never repeat an item. “Even if it sells well and we might be tempted to buy more of the same, we don’t. And our regulars depend on that,” says Guarino.

Miss Match may be new to OB, but thanks to great prices and amazing customer service, they’re sure to be around for a long time.