It’s a Luv Thing

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As life throws things your way, some people turn to religion, others immerse themselves in charitable pursuits and still others become community activists.

Kamie Archinal’s good medicine is called, “It’s A Luv Thing.” A quaint little surf shack of a boutique, its stated mission is to, “just make people happy.”

Located in Leucadia on the North Coast Highway, the place is small in size, but huge in heart—and a welcome change from high prices and chi-chi designer lines.

Archinal opened It’s a Luv Thing after her daughter was diagnosed with leukemia (she’s healthy now). She knew that if she was going to open a clothing boutique, it would have to be a place that would be casual, close to home and where women would feel inspired while shopping.

Almost all of the clothing, jewelry and accessories in the store allude to ideas of encouragement or hope. The walls are a cheery tangerine color, and messages of love and karma can be found in every nook and cranny. One whole wall features the poetry of Archinal’s daughter.

Behind the store, there’s a garden patio open to customers. Lanterns hang above over-stuffed sofas; flowers and candles are arranged around the garden between benches. Colorful tents with fluffy pillows will remind you of a desert oasis. Two spa rooms offer a variety of services, from massages to facials.

Before opening her own store, Archinal worked for 10 years as a buyer for Nordstrom. Like wonderful Nordies, It’s a Luv Thing has a liberal return policy.

“Most boutiques only offer store credit,” says Archinal. “We have a unique philosophy: If you don’t love it, bring back.”
Shopping at It’s a Luv Thing can feel like a visit to the house of a really good friend. You talk, hang out, commune…and while you’re there, you pick up a great dress and the perfect accessory.