Hunt & Gather

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Savvy shoppers know “vintage-trendy” is the only way to go. And Hunt & Gather, located in University Heights, is a singular clothing boutique where the sixties, seventies, eighties and the present dovetail seamlessly.

The shop is owned by couple Zoe Crenshaw and Lee Reynolds. Reynolds, a Brit from Oxford, is a former professional BMX bike rider turned street-wear and graphics designer. Crenshaw, a Pacific Beach native, is a successful clothing designer, most recently working for Callaway, Marika and Body Glove.

Hunt & Gather is an edgy little store that gives stylish and thrifty shoppers a place to score one-of-a-kind closet additions. (They also carry thousands of hard-to-find vinyl records, as well as locally produced art, and accessories.)
Shopping in estate sales, swap meets, and rummage sales, Crenshaw has tracked down such unbelievable gets as a classic Dior clutch, and a trendy Anna Corrina handbag.

With Lee’s influence apparent, men are shopping here in droves.
In addition to time spent hunting, Crenshaw works for hours cleaning and altering found-art treasures into wearable and updated pieces.

Crenshaw and Reynolds believe that vintage stores are right for the times because you can find high fashion for less, and because people are beginning to think about the next dimension of recycling and eco-friendly shopping. The name of the store says it all. Says Crenshaw: “We hunt for the perfect find and gather the things we love.”