Eat, Pray, Love aka Chic, Sari, Sarong

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I recently went to see the movie Eat, Pray, Love.  Aside from the fact that the movie made me cry for a hundred reasons too personal to divulge, I of course noticed the clothing.  Italy, India, and Indonesia are three countries with very different definitions of style and fashion–yet all three are equally interesting and beautiful.

Chic: Italy is the definition of high fashion-Armani, Versace, Dolce and Gabbana, Prada, and Fendi.  Nothing more be said.

Sari: Anyone who knows me knows that my heart belongs to India and that includes the clothes.  My favorite designers are Sachin and Babi.  Originally, the team designed textiles. They’re recognized for their ready-to-wear line, Ankasa.  Beautifully hand embroidered and vibrantly colorful pieces emblematic of Indian culture.  The fall 2010 collection is also slightly Indian in that it’s somewhat clunky.  But in general there is nothing more beautiful to me than a sari.  It’s like a work of art. I’m enamored with the colors, the detail, and the sheer grace of the way the dress wraps a woman’s body. You can find Sachin and Babi at the wonderful boutique in Little Italy, Melero.

Sarong: When I think Bali, I think sarong…and fundamentalist terrorists. But I do love a sarong. Who doesn’t? Wrap it around your waist or above your boobs like a tube-dress; this item is comfortable, feminine, and easy.  But Indonesian fashion goes beyond the sarong.  Young Indonesian designer Syahreza Muslim creates fantastic dresses that fit a woman’s body like a glove.  The colors are energetic and the style is fresh.

Every culture brings its’ flavor to fashion.

Italy–classic style and the highest level of tailoring.

India–opulent fabrics and attention to detail.

Indonesia–amazing colors and breezy elegance.

Just so you know, I’m always ready to travel and explore fashion around the world…I just need someone to pay me for it.