Eating It Up

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San Diego is a beautiful city.  The warm weather, clean air and simple natural beauty never go unappreciated by tourists or locals.   That said, I must ask the question, ” Why are the restaurants here so bad?”  

 La Jolla  restaurants, for the most part, are  all show and no go.  Many on Prospect Street  have a beautiful view of the ocean,  and  I admit that  makes up for a lot, but only if money is no object and  good food isn’t important to you. George’s on the Cove, California Modern,  is a great example.  This restaurant was recently remodeled, it is very elegant and the service will not disappoint.  By the time you pay the bill, however, you’ve  forgotten what you had for dinner.  Nine-Ten, located  in the Grand Colonial Hotel, also on Prospect, has a bar that mixes a good drink, and the potato chips are worth the visit, but the menu is small, very expensive and the service is eternal.

If  great food is what you crave…

Museum Cafe:  The restaurant is located beside the Museum of Contemporary Art in La Jolla.  The owner, Guiseppe Ciuffa, was born in Cori, Italy,  a small town outside of Rome.  Ciuffa uses only the freshest ingredients, and has the best salad dressings around, including the best Caesar dressing ever, and  a fig vinaigrette  on a spinach and goat cheese salad that is out of this world.   The sandwiches are always on wonderful fresh baked bread, the soups are tasty and usually very lo-cal.  Ciuffa is focused on healthy, organic food, always with an Italian flare.   The Cafe is open for lunch every day and breakfast and lunch on Saturday’s and Sunday’s.  I will tell you that I have eaten in the restaurant many, many times,  and  the food is not only wonderful, but consistently wonderful.  I recommend all the desserts, but the carrot cake is to die for.  The only thing bad about this restaurant is that it isn’t open for dinner.  Ciuffa is also making a huge name for himself and the restaurant with his catering business, GIUSEPPE Fine Catering.

Beaumont’s Eatery: Owned by Megan Heine, who also owns the Brockton Villa in downtown La Jolla overlooking the Cove. Beaumont’s is in Bird Rock.  Bird Rock is south of La Jolla, an up and coming neighborhood.   Due to the recently completed street construction, a beautification project designed to slow traffic down and give more parking, some businesses weren’t able to survive.  Beaumont’s may have been slower, but they are busy now.  I’ve been there with the family, just with the hubby and on girls night.  Saturday nights offer music, and for La Jolla, I hesitate to say it, but it can be “hip.” For La Jolla.  The food is good and the lighting is warm and friendly.  I like the burgers, the scallops, the soups and the salads.  The bar is fun for just sitting and hanging out, or if you’re single, looking for the next hook up.

Next time… speaking of hook up….if Bedding is your thing, I’ve got you covered.