La Jolla Shopping

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For eleven years I’ve lived in the city of La Jolla. The locals call it by many names, “The Village”, “Bird Rock”, “Upper Hermosa”, “Lower Hermosa”and “UTC”.
I’m an independent contractor by trade, basically a housewife. Much of my “work” involves doing errands for our household. As a result, I have frequented many if not all of the shops and restaurants in the La Jolla. I do all the gift buying, food shopping, (different items at several different grocery stores) and clothes shopping (including small boutiques and malls). I go to hardware and book stores, spas, gyms, nail salons, eyebrow waxing shops, shoe and jewelry stores.
Since I often eat while I’m out erranding, I visit many of the restaurants as well.
I know the stores in La Jolla very well: many of the people that work in them, the merchandise, the return policy and of course, the prices.

I’d like to share with you some of La Jolla’s Greats:

Capricorn Boutique: owned by Krissy Heinz and Lisa Oradia, small clothing boutique, cute clothes, range of prices and really sweet and smart owners. I go into this store and no matter what’s going on or how many customers they have, they make everyone feel like family. They learned my name so fast, that I was embarrassed to ask for theirs for the longest time.

Armonia Skin Care: owned by Danielle Kindley, great spa, you walk in and never want to leave. They recently started doing mani/pedis.  Portia, Danielle’s sister,  is a delight and let me tell you, the pedicure is worth  the $40.00.  She takes her time and makes your toes look ready for a close up.   If it’s facials you’re into, this is the spot.  Armonia has many product lines, you’re sure to find that one that works for your skin type and budget.  I reccommend the “fitness facial” with Danielle.  Your skin will glow when you’re done and you’ll feel like you’ve been on vacation.

Warwick’s Books and Gifts: owned now by Nancy and Cathy Warwick, the fourth generation to own the book store. There’s an eclectic and friendly staff that should be teaching at colleges. They are smart, knowledgeable about the books in every section of the store, and they have the patience of Job to put up with some of La Jolla’s most demanding and many times ridiculously ignorant clientele. Ask for a book, you don’t remember the title or the author, simply describe the narrative as you remember it and they’ll do the work to figure out the rest.

Next time… an awesome shoe store…