Snuggling Up

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 I’ve got a secret.  My husband doesn’t know, although I think he suspects.  I believe most women share my secret, some are able to act on it, others not.  I sometimes find myself in strange places and time  has passed.  I’m obsessed with reading about my passion, drooling over magazines that regularly show up in the mail. I secret  them away  before they are  mistaken for “junk mail”.

It’s time to come clean.  Today I  share it with you…

I’m obsessed with beautiful bedding. I love to touch the sheets,  (sateen, percale, jersey or flannel), the higher the thread count the better or so I learned from Oprah a few years ago.  Nothing goes unnoticed with me. I appreciate the tight thread weave of the sheet, the way it folds perfectly down to show the edging over the duvet cover.  I admire the fluffy down of the comforter, the delicate way the coverlet lays gently at the foot of the bed, and the perfect finish of the matching decorative pillows that pull the whole look together. 

So, if you share my lust for beautiful bedding…

Elizabeth Allen Atelier:  Located in Bird Rock, my favorite cute neighborhood south of “The Village” of La Jolla.  Owned by Elizabeth Allen, a Vassar grad with a degree in French Literature.  After graduating, Allen moved to Paris and became Bureau Fashion Editor at WWD and W Magazine. She has also worked for Chanel and Lagerfeld. While living in NY as both an editor and stylist, in 1998 she turned her passion for fabric into the bedding guru she is today.  She’s been featured in such magazines as Elle Decor, O at Home and Better Homes and Gardens.  Her fabrics of 100% combed Percale, are printed in India with European dyes, free of chemicals that are allowed in the US, but banned in Europe.  The fabrics are then sewn by piece in the US in NY and LA.  She has also launched an organic line called Eu Natural, using 100% organic cotton, grown without  toxic chemicals or pesticides.  Walk into her store and there you will find a beautiful bed made with all the finest in luxury bedding.  Her florals remind me of a French country house and yet many of the duvets also have the sultry colors that are traditional in many Indian prints. To love her bedding is to feel it for yourself.  Great bedding makes you want to pull back the sheets in the store and crawl in.

In this economy I understand that  to spend a lot of money on bedding seems a waste, but 1/3rd of your life is spent in bed, why not make the most of it?  Good bedding should last years and if you buy in her store, as opposed to the internet or in one of the many other bedding stores you can find EAA, know that she’s selling at 30-50% cheaper.  Now all I need is a king size bed to snuggle up in.

Next time… a coffee roaster to blow your socks off.