ShopLocalSD hits New York Fashion Week

Posted on 2 min read

I’m heading to New York Fashion Week–a huge coup. I’m more excited than I’m willing to admit. But, suddenly I thought to myself, what if I run into Anna Wintour and she asks me a question? I find myself scrambling to learn the history of New York Fashion Week. The event we know as NY Fashion Week began in 1943.  It was originally called NY Press week. It was created to give American journalists a place to experience fashion in their own country.  Because of WWII,  they couldn’t travel to France–the fashion center. The real intention was also encourage “fashion journalists” to see the work of the much over-looked American designers. Press Week was a success and magazines like Vogue began to add American designers to their pages for the first time. The shows were purely for the press–buyers had to go to showrooms to see collections. Until 1994, shows were held all over New York in lofts, hotels, or wherever space could be found. Then, according to various sources, designer Michael Kors changed everything when a structural accident at a loft during his show forced the fashion world to consider a central local for all the shows. Bryant Park became synonymous with NY Fashion week. This fall will be the first new spot for the shows when they move to Lincoln Center. The decision to move from Bryant Park caused a big uproar. But when do New Yorkers not roar? Each year Fashion Week is held in four major cities—New York, Paris, Milan, and London.  New York is the kick-off city. There are two major seasons Autumn/Winter and Spring/Summer.  Women’s wear starts with Autumn/Winter in February and Spring/Summer begins in New York in September. Fashion Week shows are by invitation only and are designed to present the collections of designers, brands, and houses, and introduce the world to the season’s trends. The shows that I’ll be seeing won’t be at Lincoln Center, they’ll be in Soho and Chelsea. I’m invited to the under-ground, lower level, and lesser-known designers.  But who cares?  It’s New York, runway shows, fashionable people, designers, and new clothes…. Hopefully, I’ll hold my own against the fashion peeps of NY. We San Diegan’s have our own style….at least we have great weather.