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The owners of the Rufskin Clothing line and the new North Park store have been partners for over twenty years and the adorable couple, Douglas Coats and Hubert Pouches, are a perfect team.

Pouches was a modeling agent.

The two met in Paris while Coats was still modeling.
Pouches is also a renowned clothing designer. The handsome Frenchman has worked with the famed and ultra-modern design house Andre Courreges, (gossip has it Courreges invented the mini-skirt), and Victoria Secret.

In 2001, Pouches turned his talents inward, and began designing for himself.  He’d always wanted to design a line for men; so, it didn’t take long for the owners to create Rufskin.

Using Pouches’ astrological sign of Aries to create the Rams head logo, and Coat’s American love of Tuffskin jeans, Rufskin was born in the form of a very lucrative wholesale business.

Channeling the 70’s Pouches brings his couture experience to designing a very sexy line with a distinctly European flair.

The flagship store is the first for the small pop and pop company.

Currently the line is sold in over sixty-three boutiques worldwide.

The look of the San Diego store is flamboyant and sophisticated at the same time.  As you enter, the first piece of furniture you see is a white Ostrich sofa.  The dressing rooms are decorated with the same white animal fabric.

“In the US, the line is decidedly more geared for Gay men. In Europe however, men are more risky dressers, and a little more fashion forward.  So, anything goes,” says Jason Wimberly, the very hot star of Rufskin global sales.

The number one best selling item for Rufskin is the denim line.  Called by names like Ziggy, Webster, or Carter, all the jeans come with attitude and all are more than a little bit sexy. Designed with a low-rise and some very comfortable stretch fabrics, the writer only wishes that were made for women as well.

Rufskin is all made and manufactured in San Diego.  From the fitted sleeve tees, to the low-rise athletic shorts, the denim and leather underwear (complete with cock ring detail), to the unitards, the photo print swimsuits, and the custom lambskin jackets—Pouches loves San Diego and says he’s committed to keeping his business here.