Azarria, Babies by the Sea, and much much more in Cardiff

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Cardiff-by-the-Sea is only one city north of Del Mar, but for some reason it has never gotten it’s proper due. A short trip up the 101 there’s a little strip mall with a bevy of fashionable hot spots. If you’re pregnant or have small children under four years old, there’s a charming little boutique called Babies By The Sea that offers the best in organic cotton clothing, skin-care and vitamins for mom and baby, breast pumps, high-chairs, strollers, books, and bio-degradable diapers and more. The best part is, every product is either organic, environmentally safe, or all green. This store has a very different philosophy that extends from pregnancy to childhood. Co-owned by OBGYN Dr. Robert Biter, and retail and marketing maven, Laura Fairchild the mission statement of Babies by the Sea says it all. To summarize, the goal is to empower healthy beginnings and support families by offering natural products, educational opportunities, and organic apparel in order to meet the needs of the new mom, baby, and toddler. In short, the store is very sweet. Decorated with coffee bags and bamboo walls, the all eco-chic baby/mom store offers adorable clothing, and a variety of products that could get any mom off on the right start. The best detail is the “Tree of Life”. It’s a giant hand-carved wooden tree, decorated with hand-blown glass colored leaves. The store also offers an array of classes, from birthing methods to music and sign language for babies. Next stop for mom should be the Azzaria Denim Lounge, located across the courtyard. For the woman that hates shopping for jeans, but understands that they can be a crucial addition to anyone’s wardrobe, this place rocks. The sales staff, aka “denim consultants”, have been trained by the different denim lines for fit, style, and comfort level. A customer simply has to explain to the sales person how they like their jeans to fit, how they wear them, with high heels or low, and this store is sure to having you walking out with a new pair. There’s also a sizable men’s section with tees, shirts, and jeans. Azzaria has a partnership with Clothes4Souls to launch its first denim drive. If you drop off a pair of gently worn denim anytime during the month of March, Clothes4Souls will directly distribute your denim to victims of natural disaster or to those experiencing extreme poverty. So, get those old, ill-fitting jeans out and bring in a new better-looking pair — your butt will love you for it. Owner Tammy Neihart also owns Azzaria Boutique next door.Filled with cute dresses, tops, and loads of fun accessories, almost nothing in the store is over $100. Neihart also has her own private label clothing line, where she is able to handpick her favorite designs and keep the prices very reasonable. It may seem like a drive if you don’t live in North County, but this is not your average strip of stores. A new nail and skin care lounge called 20 Lounge just opened, and if you’ve never tried Rimel’s Rotisserie then you’re missing out on one of San Diego’s best lunch spots.