Quality Fashion for Less. I promise.

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I was recently on the  verge of going into what I would dub a shopping freeze–meaning I was going to stop shopping at the beginning 2012, and begin again in 2013.

Was I high on crack?  I realized I couldn’t do it. But what I did do was change the way I shop. I’m lowering my price limit to waaaaaay down. And this is how I’m doing it.

I’m shopping in vintage stores. Now, one can still spend a lot in Vintage stores especially if the pieces were high to begin with, they’re only going to come down so much.

Cute shift dress by Vince $56.00.

But, I’d like to share with you my most recent purchases and what I spent on them.. The first is an adorable, never before worn grey shift mini by Vince. The average dress by Vince is around $300-$400. I paid $56 for this one.

Next up, I found this wool blend Esprit shift dress. It’s brand new online at Esprittoday for $111.00. I paid for this never-before-worn $22.

Wool blend shift dress by Esprit

Last but not least, I got this little number at the Thread show in SD. It’s a complete knock-off look of a Halston Heritage averaging $400.  I got if for $32.

Red Halston Heritage style dress $32.00.

Now, my winter shopping is done. Seriously….