Gap is Bringin’ Sassy Back & DSW is adding the finishing touches!

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I’ve got a little secret…I’ve gotten two key wardrobe pieces from the Gap recently–they were not expensive, very functional, and extremely fashionable.
Again and again I praise the ease of dresses…but now that I’ve added a great black GAP blazer and a killer pair of inexpensive shoes from DSW, my wardrobe is finally feeling complete.  I love booties and these are several options for dressing something up or down.

Gap 2 button black blazer $98.00
Miss Me Sid $39.95

I believe in keeping my shoes in several colors and my dresses more muted.

Shoes make the outfit, why spend more than you have to?

I own the BCBG pair. They go with everything and are super comfortable.  I wore my black pair to my son’s concert in a funky Pasadena club with a grey Vince dress and a black leather jacket. Very cool.

BCBG $79.95


LAMB $219.95
Mrkt $79.95