Venice Beach and the SD Thread Show–all roads lead to fashion.

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This weekend I traveled to LA to visit my best friend’s husband, Jay Blotcher. I met his biological mother Valerie, and had two meals I’ll not soon forget.

Jay wanted to eat dinner with all his West Coast buddies at Planet Raw in Santa Monica. Chef and owner Juliano Brotman believes that uncooked food is healthier for you because cooked food takes more enzymes to digest than raw and because heating food kills all the food’s nutrients.  Steve Jobs was a fan of Chef Juliano’s food. Me?  In a word–yuck. Everything was tepid and slimy and tasted slightly like some version of a Cliff bar.

Saturday brunch was at the historic Hal’s Bar and Grill in Venice. Much better. Tasty. Great art. And a cool vibe.

Pamela Barish boutique in Venice Beach.

While waiting for Jay and Valerie to arrive at Hal’s , I shymed around Venice, and discovered another historic spot–Pamela Barish boutique. Located on Abbot Kinney for the last eight years, when the hood was still “the hood”.  All her clothing is classically designed, and usually made in beautiful bright colors.  But costing $1400 on average, for me they were more dream than reality.

Back to San Diego Saturday and a relaxing night with the boy.

Sunday I was reminded why we all live in SD. It couldn’t have been more amazing weather.

After my walk with the girls, I trotted down to indie fashion heaven aka the Thread Show.

The energy this year was high, and in the years since it first entered the SD market, it has grown and gathered steam.

One of my favorites were LA design team Supastar–with clothing designer Rachael Broussard and her partner in crime, fashion stylist Tiffany LaVonne. Love these ladies. Very affordable and extremely cleverly designed dresses. Prices hover around $40.

The ladies of SupaStar clothing

I was also quite enamored with the clothing by new local talent Nycole Garza and her Killer Styling line. Garza takes vintage items and transforms them into trendy gems. She sells on Etsy.  For the Thread show, she was selling at  unbeatable prices. I swore I wasn’t going to do it…but I ended up buying the cutest Halston Heritage style and wine colored dress from Killer.  It fits like a glove and it only cost me $22.

Sunday night dinner with the family–wearing black Gap sweats, a lavender Banana Republic tank,  and my old natty cardigan. Comfort all the way!

The ladies of Killer Styling, Nycole Garza and friend, and PR cutie Dara Bu.