Put Your Money Where Your Heart Is

Posted on 2 min read

In my quest to shop in the community where I live, get my boutique fix and keep my eco-friendly conscience happy; I found a surprising store that has it all:

Milk and Honey  

Located in the heart of the design district on S. Cedros in Solana Beach.  The boutique stole my heart with it’s delicate touch of femininity and rocker edge.

The owner, Karissa von Esch is a friendly and knowledgeable young woman.  The store is lovingly designed with pieces from the past as well as a lighting fixture that looks like something out of The Jetsons.   My favorite touch are her grandmother’s shoes–displayed on old suitcases.  Cool suede pumps worn by her grandma in the 50’s and are as hip today as they were then.  Krissy clearly has fashion in her genes.   

She said that when she signed  the business loan for her store in November, she was afraid of the downturn in the economy but she decided to go forward,  follow her dreams, and “weather the storm.”  That the boutique is across the street from the Farmer’s Market,  adds to the charm of the store’s name and so far, she’s weathering the storm quite well.

Since Von Esch is a graduate of F.I.T. In New York,  her choices of the designers to offer her customers are smart and cutting edge.  She carries many local lines that make the drive to Solana Beach worth the time and gas.

Bridig Catiis: the newest in Eco-friendly design.  In 2005 partners Raissa and Damien began designing clothes with the planet in mind.  All the clothes are made from recycled and vintage fabrics and 5% of the company’s yearly earnings go to a variety of different causes that support their mission of staying green.

Kites by Carla Manuel: Manuel was born in Brazil, but now lives locally.  She began her career designing surf wear, but moved on to women’s clothing in 2002.  Manuel hand sews one-of-a-kind garments  that are unique,  sophisticated, young, and daring. Her inspirations are birds and kites, two things that can fly.   She says that her designs are meant to “go anywhere.”  Kites’ clothing will also be worn in an up-coming new movie directed by Sharon Stone, called Dick and Jane vs. the World

Milk and Honey also carries Whish, the brainchild of Linda Rothschild.  Linda started Whish in 2005; the clothes are a wonderful balance of 60’s retro and classic, wearable dresses.  The prices of her special occasion and casual everyday wear are definitely doable in this depressed economy.