Pink Lagoon

Posted on 1 min read

Pink Lagoon boutique in Solana beach can also be called a Wardrobe and Styling Boutique.  Owner Jenny Levitz is a styling maven and has honed the skill for helping customers find their look.

Pink Lagoon is a girl’s oasis. The owner herself and her staff are all not only approachable, but extremely helpful.

Savvy boutique shoppers will quickly recognize the sophistication of many of the clothing lines carried in Pink Lagoon and a phenomenal collection of costume and fine jewelry.

Pink Lagoon is a place to shop for some fun fashion basics, as well as essentials every woman should own.

Whether customers are looking to add a few new pieces to their already existing wardrobes, or start from scratch and begin building, Pink Lagoon is the boutique that helps a woman figure it all out–God knows we could use a little help.