Three cool new books and a Q & A with Makeup Maven Bobbi Brown.

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Re-knowned makeup artist Bobbi Brown has a new book out just in time for the holidays.  If you’re unsure what to get for the teen girl in your life, this just might be your first stop. Beauty Rules offers tips for teens on how to look and feel beautiful both inside and out.  The book is supposed to be geared toward young women, with a small section for teen boys, but I think the concepts work well for every age. Brown sets the tone right off the bat with her eleven “Basic life rules.  My favorites are numbers Ten–always look people in the eye, and Eleven–dream big!. The rest of the chapters are simple and practical tips for young girls– When to start wearing makeup? Brown suggest a “little bit” at age twelve, and only if your daughter is dying to wear it. How to take care of your skin?  Simple. Clean, tone, moisturize and WEAR SUNSCREEN. *There is so much valuable information about the damages of the sun, if girls only get this message, the book pays for itself in the long run–saving them from a future of years and money spent trying to repair the damage. What to do to stay healthy? Eat well, drink water, and sleep. If I were the mother of a daughter, this would be the book to own and to give.

My next favorite is artist Ruben Toledo’s book, Fashion Almanac. Admission–you had me at hello with a forward by Anna Wintour.

Beyond the forward it’s just a fun and beautifully illustrated book that understands the relationship of fashion to art and the store so many people love—Nordstrom. For the last ten years, Toledo was the artist behind the Nordstrom ads. Making the looks of designers appealing and accessible to customers—customers who know fashion and ones that don’t. Toledo captures the essence of famous clothing designers in the sexy and playful pages of this limited edition coffee table book.

The book is a no brainer for people who love and follow fashion.

My last favorite is InStyle: Ultimate Beauty Secrets book. Brought to you care of the editors at InStyle magazine, the book is a compilation of over 200 tips and tricks for buying, applying, and trend-following cosmetics.

It may not be small enough to carry around with you, as the InStyle PR tries to sell, but it is worth having just so you don’t waste money on needless and un-vetted products.

Q & A with Bobbi Brown R-Why the new book? What’s different in this book from Teenage Beauty? Have times changed? BB-I wrote my first teen beauty book, Teenage Beauty, in 2000, and realized that so much has changed in the last ten years. Teenage girls are constantly exposed to unrealistic standards of beauty that they see in magazines, movies, and on the Internet. I wrote Beauty Rules because I wanted to give teenage girls the tools and knowledge they need to be their most confident selves. This book also contains more step-by-step beauty tips, and more information about healthy living, as beauty is not only what you look like on the outside, it’s what you put inside your body as well.

R-I love that your own look is so un-made up. What changes from teens to older women in terms of how to apply and purchase make-up? BB- Whether you’re 15 or 40, I always suggest this quick 5-minute basic makeup routine: 1. Even your skin tone with a tinted moisturizer with SPF all over your face. 2. Cover problem spots with foundation and concealer as needed. 3. Add color with blush on the apples of your cheeks 4. Add shine with a sheer color across your lips 5.(Optional) Define your eyes with a coat of black mascara. b. If you are older and want a more dramatic look, you can play with darker colors on your lips and eyes or stronger makeup such as eyeliner to define your eyes. Just remember to keep your lips neutral if you’re doing a strong eye and vice versa. c. When purchasing makeup, department stores and drug stores are both great places to find products for different needs. Drug stores are a great place to get your basics such as cotton balls and q-tips. When going to the beauty counter at your local department store, you have access to makeup experts and are able to try on colors to ensure you’re getting the best shade and product for your skin.

R– San Diego, like all of sunny California, has bright sun and harsh light. Women here need make-up (and sunscreen), but we don’t wan

t to look like we have make-up on. What’s the best way to achieve that look? What are the essentials? BB-It is important to wear a high SPF sunscreen at the beach, but sunscreen isn’t just for the surf anymore. Wearing a light moisturizer with SPF is essential for every day, whether you’ll be outside for a minute or an hour. Essentials for achieving that San Diego low maintenance look are a great concealer, bronzer dusted on the places that the sun naturally hits (forehead, nose, cheeks and chin and a bit on the neck), black mascara and a sheer gloss for your lips.

R-What’s the main concept you’d like women and young girls to take away from both the book? BB- Confidence is the key to looking and feeling your best! Any makeup, no matter the color/texture/etc. can look great if worn with the right attitude. Many young women are confused about their appearance and how to best make themselves look and feel great. It’s about finding what you love about yourself and enhancing those features, not focusing on the bad. Small steps make a big differenc—a great haircut, a good diet or a beautiful blush can all give young women the confidence they need to feel beautiful and empowered.