Passione Boutique

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Passione Boutique is tailor made for the recessionista in all of us—the woman who loves to spend and enhance her wardrobe but still has a firm desire to be frugal. Owner Rita Diste, a native of Ischia Italy, opened Passione Boutique in La Jolla which she says reminds her so much of her hometown. This very warm and charming store is located in the Fay Center, next door to the Empress Hotel. It sits at the end of a cobblestone walkway flanked by flowers. “Hopefully when you visit the store, you’ll feel as if you’re coming in to see one of your girlfriends at her house, ” Diste says in her wonderfully accented English.

After giving a lot of thought to what brands she should carry, Diste says she knew that there was oneline women in San Diego would love–List.

Based in Rome, List’s claim to fame is that their designs resemble the best loved Italian designers—Prada, Moschino, and Gucci—at a quarter of the price. Using a team of young designers, who keep their eyes on fashion trends, List has been a successful brand around the world for many years. Adding it’s own unique twist on designs, List maintains quality while keeping prices reasonable.

Passione Boutique carries the prêt-a-porte collection and says that all the pieces are meant to blend together to build one great wardrobe. “The line works especially well for San Diego because it easily transitions from season to season.” Diste says.