MOS: My Own Space

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La Jolla’s unique MyOwnSpace furniture store specializes in the clean lines and simple, elegant styling of classic 60’s forms–all with the benefit of 2009 customization.

MOS, as it is known, is owned by the husband-and-wife team Rik Armour and Jennifer Fox-Armour. The Atlanta transplants offer their customers genteel handling born of their southern roots. Not surprisingly, their design eyes were honed while working in television and film.

The Armours opened MOS five years ago as a high-end furniture store targeted at teenagers. The name­—you can hear it hollered out by a fifteen year old… I need MY OWN SPACE–fit the concept of how teens feel about designing their own worlds. MOS quickly branched out from hanging bubble chairs and large bean bags to a variety of furniture lines for all ages.

One of the most elegant and versatile lines at MOS is from the Italian bed maker Flou, founded in 1978 by Sicilian designer Rosario Messina. The philosophy behind the company seems sound: since we spend one-third of our lives in bed, make it a great one-third. Flou produces 40 models of beds and studio couches in hide, fabric, leather, wood and aluminum, allowing you to design every aspect of your bed, with over 150 fabrics to choose from. MOS is the only place in San Diego to find Flou beds.

MOS’s hottest furniture line is Flexform, known for its clean and unfussy modular pieces. Flexform is the “Rolls Royce of comfort,” says Rik. The company employs some of the most inventive designers and architects in the business. From wall systems, wardrobes, walk-in closets, and libraries, everything is designed to fit your space. MOS offers full service, from drawings to installation.

After you’ve bought your Flou bed, or Flexform sofa, MOS is hoping that customers continue to shop for small gifts. The Fornasetti plates were designed by Italian graphic artist and designer Piero Fornasseti (1913-1988). Fornasetti was known for his fanciful take on everyday objects, the most famous being the 19th century black-and-white magazine image of a woman’s face which he adapted into these plates.

There are a lot of furniture stores in La Jolla; four within a three block radius of MOS. What makes their place different, the Armours say, is their relationship with the locals.

“It’s important to understand someone’s story,” says Jennifer. “We hope to inspire our customers because we have a background in design, but we really just work to understand what they need, how they want to live, and what will work best for them. We take the time to listen to our customers. I guess you could call it good old fashioned southern hospitality.”