I’m a record breaker in my own mind.

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Me with Henderson and Rollman at Warwick's Bookstore in La Jolla

When local Huffington Post writer David Moye says he’s going to be in La Jolla at Warwick’s Bookstore, doing  “something special” you get in your car and drive over there.

And that’s just what I did.

Turns out, creators of the website RecordSetter, Corey Henderson and Dan Rollman, would be at Warwick’s from 4-6 to sell their book The RecordSetter Book of World Records. Moye was there to report the event and break a record of his own.

RecordSetter is the new world record-setting phenomenon, a website that believes everyone can be the world’s best at something and where 80,000 people a month come to prove it, or just enjoy watching.

Henderson and Rollman are obsessed by world records. They regularly appear on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and host events in cities around the country.

The RecordSetter Book of World Records captures all the exuberance, energy, and quirky good humor of the records and record-setters.

Moye broke a world record by reading 7 palms in under a minute.

The only record I could think to break was writing a blog post in under a minute.  Couldn’t do it.