Your favorite neighborhood sex shop has a new address!

The Rubber Rose is now located in Downtown’s “fiercely fashionable,” East Village. Located at 917 E Street (between 9th and 10th) and easily adjacent to many freeways, the new venue provides a beautiful plateau for these modern weapons of mass pleasure.

In an unregulated industry, The Rubber Rose proudly boasts a selection of unique non-toxic toys and accessories.

Serving San Diego since 2006, the mission is to facilitate community growth in the worlds of art, activism, and adult sexuality.

Gadgets come in a dazzling range of varieties and prices. Quiet, efficient, aerodynamic and unbelievably adorable, with most constructed of silicone and all are phthalate-free—a must for the modern, eco-conscious woman and/or couple.

Truly an extension of the statement, “make love not war”, the Rubber Rose is inspired to help communities grow, heal, learn and celebrate together.