Heading to Fashion Week…

Posted on 2 min read

As I head out next week, leaving sunny SoCal for wintery New York for Fashion Week, I share with you the number one question that comes up when I tell people where I’m going….What are you going to wear????

Well, as confirmed by style guru Hillary Kerr, of the site Who What Wear, when I chatted with her recently, “Everyone has a uniform,” she said, and of course she’s right–especially when it comes to me.

My packing choices have changed over the years. In the beginning I tried really hard to suffer through uncomfortable shoes for ones I could actually walk in; only to discover that my decision would lead to blistered feet and a bad back. Last year at this time, I switched to combat boots–also a bad choice, as I felt too clunky and looked too disheveled to pull off the look–I’m a little too girly for combat boots.

This season, I’m trying yet another approach. I’ll be bringing many of my short, very feminine dresses, and pairing them with my sleek black comfy, to the knee boots, and carrying my very high, sexy booties in a bag to change into for meetings, interviews, and shows–fingers crossed this works.

Looking the part is playing the game, and not that I can compete with the folks who’ve been planning their wardrobes for months, or have employed stylists and brands to outfit them, but I can looked the part of a writer and budding Editor.  Wish me luck!

BTW: I buy most of my tights at Target or Banana Republic, my dresses are from H & M, and my boots are from Nordstrom.