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I’m happy to report on a locally designed swimwear line for women like myself—curvy and somewhat modest, but still wanting a look that’s sexy and fun. The Dos Cara ladies—designers Aida Soria and Syncletica Maestas.

I met the two SD born and bred Latinas when I was covering San Diego Fashion Week for the San Diego Reader, and was impressed by the amount of thought, great architecture, and pure love they pour into their suits.

Now, the two are taking a little bit of SD to NYC with the presentation of their collection in the Nolcha show—New York’s leading showcase for independent designers—held during Fashion Week. It’s an honor for them to be asked to participate, as the designers are chosen from around the country and Dos Caras is one of only 13 designers presenting. Good luck ladies! Do SD proud.

Coming soon purchase Dos Caras Swimwear online…in the meantime you can take a look at the work of a couple SD’s most talented two designers.