3 SD Boutiques That Won Our Hearts This Week.

Posted on 2 min read

Vocabulary Boutique: This is still one of my very favorites. Owner Cecelia Church has a keen eye, evidenced by her most recent acquisition of the lower priced  line by Tracy Reese–Plenty.

Located in Little Italy, and perfect for women who need pieces for work and play, this store keeps merch re-freshed constantly, and I was happy to grab a couple of very cool fall pieces for the up-coming Fall Fashion shoot for San Diego Home/Garden Lifestyle magazine.

Vocabulary Boutique-414 W Cedar St. San Diego, CA 92101 619.544.1100.

Le Bel Age: For as long as I’ve been covering local boutiques, I’ve been hearing about Le Bel Age. I’ve stopped in a few times, but never written about the store. So, when the time came to pull clothing for our San Diego Home/Garden Lifestyle Magazine shoot, I was thrilled to finally be working with this store.

Located on Lewis Street in Mission Hills, owner Valerie Ferrari is one eclectic, Pinterest loving, fashion fanatic. She a great stylist and sometimes therapist to her customers–many of whom have been shopping with her for all of the 28 years she’s been in business.  Handbags, eyewear, scarves, dresses, and much much more, this store is chock full of great finds.

Le Bel Age-1607 W Lewis St San Diego, CA 92103 619.297.7080.

Mia Bella: Less than a year old, and not my usual style, Mia Bella, located in Del Mar turned out to be a “Dress-Girl’s” dreamland. With the original store located in Fresno, owner gentle giant Derek Barham’s new locale is sure to be hit with the many event going ladies of SD.

This store is stocked with dresses for those VERY special occasions.  Turn on the glam and glitz without losing the style, this spot is worth a stop in–if for no other reason than re-capturing your inner little-girl dress up.

Mia Bella- 2673 Via De La Valle #D Del Mar, CA 92014 858.481.4900.