2013 Zagat Guide arrives in SD–the ultimate in local shopping.

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It was about 5 years ago today that I launched this site..originally titled “Shmy Way or the Highway”.  Since then the site and I have grown and changed so much. I’ve become a paid journo–I’ve fallen quite a lot, but day by day I work to build something I can be proud of try to keep content interesting enough to draw in readers to read it.

Next week, on Wed. 2/27 at 7:30pm, at the esteemed Warwicks book store in La Jolla, the other San Diego Zagat editors and I will be on-hand to discuss and sign the 2013 Zagat Guide.

This is a momentous occasion for me, and  feels like an extension of ShopLocalSD and all of the people who’ve dutifully kept up with the site and helped to make it as widely viewed as it is.

Please continue to support local stores like Warwicks and local writers like myself, and the editors of the Zagat guide– David Nelson, Seth Combs, and Wendy Lemlin.