The Only Way to Travel.

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LeBron does it.

Luke Wilson and Vince Vaughn do it.

And I’m doing it every day I’m here….Biking. In Miami of course.

Not only is it great exercise, but it’s fast, cheap, and no extra equipment is required. I’m recommending to myself this as my method of travel in the future. And before the fall of this year, I will be outfitted with a new bike–complete with a very comfy seat.

Here’s a list of my favorite bike shops in SD:

San Diego Bike Shop
619 C St
(between 6th Ave & India St)
San Diego, CA 92101
(619) 237-1245
Adams Avenue Bicycles
2606 Adams Ave
(at Hamilton St)
San Diego, CA 92116
Neighborhood: University Heights

(619) 295-8500

Brooklyn Bikes
3437 Adams Ave
(between 34th St & Hawley Blvd)
San Diego, CA 92116
Neighborhood: Normal Heights

(619) 283-1926

Pacific Coast Bicycle
1633 Garnet Ave
(between Ingraham St & Jewell St)
San Diego, CA 92109
Neighborhood: Pacific Beach

(858) 581-2453





Owen and Vince Miami Bike Ride