The Bridal Bar

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Owner of The Bridal Bar in La Jolla, Anseth Page Richards is not your ordinary wedding planner.  She calls herself a couple’s coach, whose job it is to help brides and grooms over the first roadblock to marital bliss—planning a wedding.  Born and raised in La Jolla, Richards says she has seen the planning of a wedding end a relationship before it has had a chance to begin the happily ever after part.

Whether it’s finding a CPA or lawyer (both of which she recommends for newlyweds), a florist, a pole dance instructor, or a pyrotechnic DJ, the Bridal Bar is a one-stop-shop for organizing the “big day” or any big event you’re planning.

The Bridal Bar kind of works like a PR firm/concierge service, they vet vendors such as caterers, photographers, and florists and choose the best six. Those vendors become “members” for a fee.  Couples come to the store to discuss the budget and look of their wedding and the Bridal Bar can direct them to the appropriate vendors–saving them the time and energy of trying multiple bakeries, listening to multiple DJ’s, or tasting multiple caterers.

Bridal Bar suggests that weddings usually fall into one of three categories: Enjoy, Relax, Dream—the only difference in these three is how money is proportioned according to what the priorities are of the couple—maybe more on food, or more on music, etc…

The Bridal Bar offers bride and groom gifts, jewelry, and engraving; basically anything a bride can think of, and something’s she didn’t. We help brides and grooms connect the dots.

“ It’s our goal to help couples live happily ever after”, Richard