Talk is Cheap – But Necessary

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The older I get, the more I believe that open communication is the only real savior for humanity.

From couples who can’t or won’t speak openly to each other, to offices where bosses have trouble talking effectively to employees, to world leaders who have trouble talking with other world leaders, to people who don’t agree on any political issues simply talking to each other – we need to learn how to open our mouths without criticism and honestly just talk.

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If I ruled the world:

People who’ve been victims of gun violence could openly talk to NRA advocates.

Hunters could speak with animal-rights activists.

Women who need the services of Planned Parenthood would speak with those politicians hell bent on defunding it.

African-American men would sit down with police officers.

Jews and Palestinians would discuss Israel.

Factory workers in Bangladesh and Cambodia would sit down with fashionistas and consumers of fast-fashion and talk about working conditions and the clothes found at stores such as H&M, GAP and Zara.

Organic farmers would talk with Monsanto.

Immigrants to the U.S. could talk with people with xenophobia.

Pharmaceutical company CEOs would talk with people who can’t afford their medicines.

Insurance company CEOs would talk with poor sick people who need healthcare, but can’t afford it.

People affected by domestic violence would speak with abusers.

Not sure anyone could speak with Ann Coulter?

The point is, we are all guilty of preaching to the choir, but wouldn’t it better to direct all that chatter to the very people we wish would hear us?