Spa Gregorie’s

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Spa Gregorie’s is located in Del Mar. Recently awarded the prestigious award for Best Day Spa in America by American Spa Magazine. With as many as 800-day spas in the country and at least 40 in San Diego alone, the competition is fierce and proves that this spa is definitely worth a visit.

Spa Gregorie’s offers customers a full care day spa and salon all in one. With an array of services to choose from, this spa meets all pampering needs.
Owner Angela Cortright owns two spas in addition to Gregorie’s in Del Mar. For over twelve years in the day spa business, she has learned how to do it right. Cortright’s spas in Newport Beach and Rancho Sanata Margarita have both won rave reviews.

Historians have suggested that the word Spa is an acronym for the Latin Salus Per Aqua or health through water. Spas began with Roman baths and were a common practice by both rich and poor.

Over the years the idea of visiting a spa has mutated to something that only the rich do. “I hate the term “pampering”,” says Cortright. “ I began this business because I was the poster child for stress. My health was suffering. I had bad skin, digestive issues, and a heart that was pounding out of my chest. My husband introduced me to a spa and I had an epiphany.” The prestigious Mayo Clinic conducted research regarding the health properties of massage and studies found that it can be helpful for relieving stress, managing pain, controlling blood pressure, boosting immunity, and assisting in the treatment of cancer.

With so many day spas to choose from it can be difficult to find the perfect choice, Spa Gregorie’s doesn’t disappoint.