Social Shmedia

Posted on 3 min read

So… I followed someone’s tweet to their website. I sent them an email, which they responded to by asking to be my friend on Facebook. I accepted.  They asked me to become their fan and I did.

Does that mean we’re friends?

I was recently introduced to the world of Twitter.  I had an account, but I wasn’t very adept at how to use it. Like all of this technology, I always stick my toe in first. I’m a sort of nervous adopter, you could say. Much like learning a new language, each new electronic step is like an introduction to an entirely different culture.

I love to travel.  I mean, I really love it. The most fun for me is going somewhere I’ve never been and attempting to navigate.  Twitter, Facebook, and the blogosphere are all very much like travelling to me. Travelling invigorates me.  It makes me smile, and though it can be frustrating sometimes, ultimately I leave wherever I’ve been feeling like I was happy I visited.

I believe that when travelling the best way to fit in with the natives is to learn their rules, customs, and language.  Otherwise, you stay in tourist mode and are just a dabbler cloistered in your bubble of ignorance… not fully able to appreciate the world you’re in.

It’s important to try to learn a few words of the language wherever you are even if you mess up—as we all know, people (usually) love that you’re trying. (Unless you’re in France or Japan, homogenius nations where the citizens don’t give a shit that you’re trying, because it’s clear you’re not one of them.)  I’m not fluent in Twitter, Facebook, or texting, but I can hold my own with a few of the essentials.

For Twitter, it needs to be short–only 140 characters. Keep tweets clever, charming, sexy, witty, with-it, hip, in, awesome, freakin’ amazing. Yikes.

Texting is shorter. Short-hand is encouraged and helpful.  UG2BK, FB, RT, DM, OMG, GTG, BRB, BFF, LMAO, RUOK, URZ, W8, VM, TXM, and the every favorite, WTF. All done quickly,  while I’m driving…LOL.

It’s important to learn the proper etiquette.  In every environment, there is a correct way to conduct oneself.  For example, over-Tweeting would be equivalent to monopolizing the conversation at a party. Tweeting about eating a sandwich would be equivalent to boring the people around you.  Adding a link  (to your own work) to your status every time you tweet or Facebook is like handing out your business card to everyone you meet, whether they want it or not. You get the point.

One sure way to get yourself into trouble while twittering is to Phish.  Phishing means to attempt to hack into people’s personal accounts.  It’s as bad as spam, telephone solicitors, stalkers, and Glen Close characters.  Definitely an un-becoming way to behave in Twitter Ville.

And then there are Hash tags. These are # signs in front of catchy words or phrases, created by Twitter in order to bring people to your world.  Enticing and flirting with them to “Come on over to my place Big Boy and boost my analytics.”

The biggest problem with Twitter, as with FB, is making the time for it.  Throughout the day I now check my website (, FB, Twitter, Gmail, my blog, and cell phone. There’s not enough time in the day.

Remember back when people thought that sitting in front of your computer, alone, or talking on the cell phone would make the world a less social place. Hah! I’m more social than ever.  I’ve got friends all over the world. The question is, are they really my friends?

They’re more like my shmends.

I say Twitter, Text, blog, Facebook, and cell-on my shmeeple.

BTW my handle on Twitter is Rebekahshmys…look me up!