Rubber Rose

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The Rubber Rose, located in North Park, is a spicy little boutique that offers some of the latest, greatest, highest quality, ahem, adult toys. The gadgets come in a dazzling range of varieties and prices. Quiet, efficient, aerodynamic and unbelievably adorable, all of these modern weapons of mass pleasure are constructed of silicone and are phthalate-free—a must for the modern, eco-conscious woman and/or couple.

Under the careful and tasteful guidance of shop owner Lea Caughlan, the Rubber Rose is decorated in playful bordello style, with antique chandeliers, black ceilings, and dim lighting. In an “I’m-okay-you’re-okay” approach (gender references are often oblique; huge male members are noticeably absent) customers are encouraged to handle the merchandise, which is beautifully displayed around the shop. No question or concern is off-limits for the knowledgeable, seemingly well-adjusted, staff.

The child of hippies, Caughlan has a peace-loving approach to life. Rubber Rose itself is a testament to the 60s motto: “make love not war.” Caughlan’s an outspoken anti-war activist, feminist, anti-capitalist and an anarchist who says that she’s determined to cultivate a world, within her store at least, where sex is fun.

“That’s why they call them toys,” Caughlan says.
Today’s toys are all battery-operated, and offer customers several bells and whistles.

Rubber Rose’s hottest seller is the GIGI, made by LELO, a Swedish company known for its innovation in re-designing toys. Using all medical grade materials and fully re-chargeable batteries, the GIGI is designed to follow the contours of the female form. Using a sleek Scandinavian look, the GIGI offers five vibrating modes configured to stimulate erogenous zones. At $109, it’s the Rolls Royce of vibrators.

The Rubber Rose also suggests toys from the company FunFactory. The Ellove has a turbo booster and costs $80. The Mary Mermaid ($90) is similar (except in price), to the original Jack Rabbit, known in the biz for being the Honda Civic of vibrators—modestly priced with long-lasting quality. Rubber Rose, of course, carries old faithful itself.

Bswish caters to the pop market, with its Apple-like array of colors and unbeatable prices. Their toys range from $20-$50; models include the BGood, the Bnaughty, Bsoft, Bgee, and Bcurious.

Rubber Rose certainly is a holiday gift possibility for an intimate friend. These toys are made to last—at least longer than after that fruitcake is eaten, and those slippers wear out.