Lolo Boutique: Euro Style in the Del Mar Highlands

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Lolo boutique is located in a strip mall in Del Mar along Del Mar Heights Road. Not in a million years would a boutique shopper think they’d be getting a little piece of European style here … But they’d be so wrong.

Belgian beauty and Lolo owner Lauren Lahaye grew up shopping in boutiques in Brussels and says proudly that that is the way women shop in Europe. “There just aren’t that many department stores in the small towns. Women are used to small shops and aren’t at all bothered by the no return policies,” Lahaye says.

The concept of Lolo is to offer women something they can go out in at night, (a little top or a fun evening dress), that has style at a very affordable price, and would be limited in stock like only a small boutique can do. Lahaye insists that her store will never carry more than two items in a size per style.

Lahaye says that the difference between European women and American women is that although both closely follow trends, European women like something more classic, less revealing (even for young women), and most importantly looks that reflect their own personalities. “I try to educate the sales girls in my store to push the envelope a little for our customers. I want the sales people to really help women figure out how to put pieces together,” Lahaye says.

Lolo focuses on carrying designers that can’t be found anywhere else in San Diego. Her best sellers are European designers Lulu Mari, Peppe Peluso, and Lucy Paris—inexpensive lines but filled with details that make the pieces very unique.

Lolo is a fantastic place to find original things at great prices.

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  • Sharon Marshall
    July 1, 2013

    Good Afternoon,

    I am looking for long casual skirts to wear. I ran into Brooke Landau and she said she had purchased several from your store. Do you have pictures of any ?
    Thanks for your help !