Kerut Boutique

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Kerut Boutique

Located in along toney Girard Avenue in downtown La Jolla Kerut boutique is the trifecta of perfect shopping, offering a flat screen TV, a well-stocked bar, and Halston.
Described by owner Lauren Turek as 50’s Palm Springs meets Morocco, meets Nantucket, Kerut is a warm and inviting places that is classic, Bohemian, and Preppy all rolled up into one.
Kerut is the first clothing store for Turek, Kerut is her name spelled back-wards. Coming to San Diego by way of DC where she worked as an intern for President Bill Clinton, and yes Turek was there the fateful summer of another more famous intern, she then moved to New York to work as an investment banker. Turek also did her stint in retail in Aspen where she was a buyer for the super high end and very exclusive J. Crew Concept store called simply the Black Label. Finally landing in San Diego to open Kerut with some of the most interesting and chic clothing lines offered in the city.
Women have the choice of shopping in a mall or seeking out a small boutique. Turek says boutiques give customers a more select shopping experience. She offers what she calls six star service and free tailoring. Her goal is give shoppers an experience—hence the bar where she offers wine to women and ESPN channels for the guys.
The racks hang with dresses by the Halston Heritage collection, designed by Sex In The City star Sarah Jessica Parker, Black Halo, and the explosive line from Macedonian designer Risto. Customers can also find the British line ESL– said to be Anna Wintour’s favorite of the moment.
The tables hold Lucite boxes filled with elegant and minimalist Kara Ross jewelry and shelves are decorated by Geisha de Guadalupe handbags commissioned by Turek herself, she calls them yacht bag as they are made of shellacked wood and soft buttery leather.