Gorrin Brothers–Hats Making History

Posted on 2 min read

Hats are the perfect accessories for Spring 2011.  Whether it’s the Boho wide brim, a cute Fedora, or the super stylish beret– hats add great character to any outfit.

Recently, San Diego got a new hat boutique in downtown called Goorin Bros. , and I could see myself wearing almost every hat in the store.

The Gorrin Brothers history begins in 1895 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania when Cassel Gorrin sold his first hat off a horse cart.

In 1920, Cassel’s son’s Alfred and Ted helped their father and became the original Gorrin Brothers.

In the 1940’s Alfred moved the headquarters of the business to Mission Street in San Francisco, and in the 60’s the hat company became the official head wear company of the Olympic games held in Squaw Valley.

In 1990 Ben Gorrin, now the fourth generation, came into the business, and added street wear with beanies, ski and skate wear. Ben oversees all the designs today.

The newest Goorin Bros., store to open in SoCal, is located on 5th in the Gaslamp nationhood. It sports a huge selection of hats from Derby’s to Fedoras, Duck Bills, Sun hats, Bowlers, Ball Caps, and Coshe’s.

It’s a beautiful shop with hardwood floors, antique phonograph speakers as light fixtures, murals, 1920’s radios, old trunks, and cool hatboxes.

My favorite is the 1920’s Cloche style hats. They’re very feminine, harkening back to a period when women unleashed themselves from restricted style to a more flattering and comfortable one.  I love all the clothing from the 1920’s.

If you love hats, need one for summer (opening day at Del Mar), or would like to make very fashionable statement, then Goorin Bros., is the place to go.

What’s your favorite hat style to wear?