Bloomingdale’s Style Setter–Stephanie Solomon

Celebrity Fashion Director of Bloomingdale’s, Stephanie Solomon, was in town last week at the Fashion Valley store, educating local fashionistas on all the fall must-haves.

I sat down with this former New Jersey Kindergarten teacher turned career trend-tracker to ask her about clothes, designers, and the essential items she’s promoting.

1. What are the hottest fall trends? Ok. If you buy nothing else this season, these are the items you need to own!

 Fur–real or faux, in a vest, boa, or chubby, fur is the ultimate in glamour.  Something in a jewel tone or any color–don’t be afraid of color; even denim lines like J. Brand Jeans are showing trousers in purples, reds, and greens.  A Lady-like blouse–The Brits have set the tone for the season. Pippa and her sister, the Princess Catherine have brought back class with delicate and sheer blouses. A pencil skirt–The silhouette is long and lean; narrow, but not clingy. And hats are hot again!

2. Who are some of the emerging designers to watch?  Rachel Zoe’s collection is groundbreaking. A dressed-up 70’s inspired glamour. I’m also watching Zadig & Voltair, Erin Wasson, Maje, and Ted Baker is back and pretty cool. 

3. Who do you wear?  Marc Jacobs (he raises the bar), Chanel, and Michael Kors

4. What are some of crucial pieces of fashion advice you’d give the average woman? I’d say know your body. Try to understand how you’re built, and then stick with what looks good on you. But I also say take risks.  You’re not interesting if you don’t experiment

5. As a buyer and style-setter for Bloomies, how do you decide what to will work for the stores?  I look at what the designers present each season, and using my instinct, matched with years of experience and a knowledge of fashion history, I come up with what I think customers will love to add to their wardrobes, and what they may take a chance and have fun with.