Dressing For Fashion Week New York–what to wear, what to wear…

Posted on 1 min read

This is the fourth year I’ve attended Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York, and every time I go, what to wear looms large on my mind.

New York is a tough city to navigate. If you’re lucky enough to have a town car transport you from show to show, uptown to downtown, then maybe your fashion concerns lessen. But for the average woman it’s the subway and our feet that traverse the streets, and the whole thing takes its toll on the body.

Every season I try to anticipate the apparel and shoe needs of my varied events, and I have yet to perfect it.

But I’ll share with you my picks for this Fashion Week, and you can tell me where I might need to adjust.

A must for meetings and fashion shows. Bought these at Nordstrom Rack in Mission Valley.
In case my dogs start barkin' at me. I got mine as a gift, but I've seen these at DSW in La Jolla.
Yellow is the hottest color this season. And it looks good on me. Got a great yellow dress from the Neiman-Marcus outlet.
Something fun from Cory Lyn Calter. I always shop for these dresses at Capricorn Boutique in La Jolla.
A black wedge bootie. Let's start from the bottom up. Comfort, but still stylish. I found a great pair of these at DSW in La Jolla.


Perfect for all events. I've seen these at H & M Fashion Valley and Zara online.