Bella Brazil

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Summer is here, a time when many women begin to consider baring it all in a bikini. Often the first step is a trip down South to Brazil–Bella Brazil Salon that is.

If you watch follicle trends, then you know that it’s gauche for those pesky pubes to be seen poking out of this season’s swimsuit.
Thankfully, there’s the hottie straight from Brazil to save the women of SD from a potential fashion faux pas.

Adri Rebis arrived in San Diego twelve years ago from a small town in Brazil called Paranagua. Growing hairier by the minute, she began to frantically search SD to find someone who could rid her of the unwanted bush beginning to takeover her V J J. “No one knew what a “Brazilian” was. “They only did the sides”, says Adri–mystified. She’d been having the procedure done since she was 13 years old. “Every young girl in Brazil does it. Women there hate hair,” Adri says.

Adri got ingenious. She used her next visit back home to learn the Brazilian art of hair removal by the inventors of it.

Six months later, Adri returned to SD and brought her culture with her. After initiating her friends and getting the needed licenses, she opened her own shop called Bella Brazil, located in Pacific Beach.
The trend today is hairless and the “Brazilian” has become all the rage for the ladies and their very excited partners. For women in the know, a clean, smooth who-ha and backside is a given.

Bella Brazil is one of the best in town because she follows the lead of Brazilian aestheticians, and uses a hard wax imported from Spain. “It’s the best because it shrink-wraps the hair,” Adri says. As opposed to using the traditional hot wax, having cloth strips applied, and the hair removed by pulling the strips off, Bella Brazil applies her special wax and pulls off the wax itself when it hardens. Giving the best results with a lot less pain.

“You feel all shiny and slick during intercourse”, says Adri about why women choose to go with the “Brazilian”. Pain or high cost ($50.00 per session) doesn’t seem to matter, women are dedicated, even mildly addicted to the “Brazilian” and according to Adri, their partners are too.