Ashen Boutique and Salon

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Ashen Boutique and Salon is one-stop shopping for great style.

The place is jointly owned by hair stylist Hailey Bakich and financial whiz Megan Gould. Located on the corner of La Jolla Boulevard and Nautilus Street, three blocks from Wind n Sea beach. Bakich, a hair stylist for the past decade, says it was always her daydream to open a clothing boutique. Combining the daily cash flow of a salon with the larger investment necessary to float a boutique seemed the perfect solution. With its high ceilings, hardwood floors, vintage fans and Danish modern furniture, Ashen offers a beautiful atmosphere that flows seamlessly.

The boutique specializes in designers from San Diego, Los Angeles and New York. Bakich says the first thing she does before she buys a line from a designer is research other boutiques and department stores in San Diego, to make sure that what she’s carrying is unique to Ashen Boutique.

Ashen carries designs that reflect Bakich’s desire to mix vintage with modern. Two designers are exclusive to the boutique. Karen Zambos, a Chicago native who relocated to L.A., describes her designs as “vintage couture.” Kain Label, a t-shirt designer also from L.A., says the pieces are a “callback to beloved vintage tees.”

As for the hair salon side of the business, the name Ashen reflects the chosen hair color of the owners..

Ashen the hair salon has a built-in clientele for Ashen the boutique. While most clothing boutiques have to advertise and wait for the walk-in customer to find the store, Ashen employs several stylists who all have customers, who all need to do something while waiting for their color to process. Why not shop for something new while you wait?