A story for the season.

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Not my usual story. But I treated myself to a pedicure today. Per usual, I struck up a conversation with the woman next to me. She was bubbly and funny, and VERY talkative.

She mentioned that she was 5’9 until her “accident”.  I asked what had happened. She told me she was talking on the phone while driving, was distracted and rear-ended a tow truck.  In an instant her life changed. She had suffered traumatic brain injury and doesn’t remember much of her life prior to 2008.

She told me she is 21, has no scars on her body, and when she’s all healed, she wants to go to college and learn to be an actress. I loved talking with her.

As her mani/pedi finished she got up to go to the bathroom. She unfolded her walking stick, and I saw she was totally blind.  I hadn’t noticed as she had been making eye contact with me.

The weirdest part?  She said she’d never forget my name, because when she’d come out of her coma, she called everyone she met and people she’d known all her life, Rebekah.

A year ago last August, in an instant her life changed.