A Girl’s Best Friend & the Coolest Pet Store in LA

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I recently adopted a dog.  She’s brownish, nine pounds, a little funny-looking, and when she’s not cuddling up next to me sleeping, we’re out walking around the neighborhood or occasionally on a more ambitious hike.

I’ve never owned a dog before. I mean, I know NOTHING about dogs. I like them, but I can be a little fearful of them. I understand the whole walking around carrying the poop thing (which feels as ridiculous as it looks), and I believe they’re supposed to follow directions as commanded. But aside from that, I don’t know what to feed them, where they’re supposed to sleep, what to bath them with, etc. etc..

Lucky for me I discovered my local pet store Urban Pet.  I walked in with my pup one Saturday morning, and I knew right away, I was in the right place. Helen, the sales associate, immediately scooped  up my dog, and walked us through the store. She helped me find the right food, the right harnessy leash thing, the tastiest treats, a comfy bed, and a secure crate. But best of all, between Helen and Chelsea, the trainer, I’ve found the gurus of my new-found pet religion. They’re available to answer every question and always there to encourage a novice pet owner like myself learn the tricks and tips of successful pet parenting.

The loves of my life. My son Miles, and Mocha.

The loves of my life. My son Miles, and Mocha.

Run by owner Zach Grey, Urban Pet has locations in Silver Lake and soon. Pasadena.  Grey is a professionally recognized dog trainer, with celebrity clients such as Channing Tatum, Ellen DeGeneres, Portia DeRossi, Mila Jovavich, Pink, and Jennifer Jason Leigh.

Owning a dog is different, but not unlike being the parent of a newborn–especially so if you’ve never owned a dog before. Like a new parent, you have a million questions, you turn to everyone you know, you’re worried you’re doing it all wrong, and when the dog or baby doesn’t behave as you expect, you assume it’s something you’ve done wrong. So having the staff at Urban Pet to turn to has seriously reduced my stress level and that of my dog.

It’s tempting to shop at Petco or PetSmart, and I assume I’d probably save a lot of money. But, I’m happy to say, that although I may pay more, I get so much for my money. I leave the store feeling more confident as a furry mom and Mocha leaves a happier and more confident pup.

 Urban Pet: 7515 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 9003 – 323.933.2100