20 Reasons Why Every Day is Mother’s Day

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1. I have the Sunday New York Times delivered. I read the Fashion and Style sections first, followed by Travel and then the real news.
2. Every morning I drink Starbuck’s Kenya coffee with real half and half and sugar.
3. I cover all my blemishes with Jane Iredale cosmetics. I use Purepressed Mineral Powder (20 SPF), applied with the Handi Brush and finished with the Antioxidant Hydration Setting Spray. It’s probably 100% water, but it feels really good when I spray it in my face.
4. I walk for at least 45 minutes six days a week in every season.
5. I have a DVR and I use it to record the Real Housewives Series, Make Me a Supermodel and Oprah.
6. I buy a book whenever I want, I see a lot of movies and I listen to Prince and Lil Wayne.
7. I only wear Hanky Panky panties and Lost in Lace Wacoal bras in Black and Nude.
8. I don’t cook dinner Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.
9. I have orchids in my bathroom.
10. I have smart and supportive friends and family.
11. I eat a piece of dark chocolate every day after dinner.
12. I’m healthy. Thank God for Advil.
13. I had a mother who loved me and introduced me to Passover.
14. I have a father who loves me and makes Gumbo whenever I ask.
15. I’m able to volunteer my time.
16. I look out at the ocean every day…from my living room, kitchen and bedroom.
17. I have internet.
18. Barrack Hussein Obama is my president and I helped to elect him.
19. I have a husband who loves me and still thinks I’m hot after 17 years.
20. I have a son who I gave life to and in turn he did the same for me.

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  • leslie
    May 9, 2009

    i was SO thinking about you. thanks for introducing me to your blog! (your pic is amazing. you are so beautiful.)

    A woman who knows her own value, finds joy in every day, and appreciates the beauty around her.
    and knows love surrounds her.
    it’s a pleasure to know you, have a wonderful day tomorrow, and every day!

    (like the orchids in the bathroom!)



  • Tiveeda
    May 9, 2009

    What a beautiful tribute to the hardest and most rewarding occupation on earth. Happy Mother’s Day!

  • TheSometimesWhy
    May 9, 2009

    beauty and brains, wit and insight…all in all, not a bad thing…

    nice job, ms. sager-alfred.

    all the best and then some,


  • mike
    May 9, 2009

    somebody must love you

  • Karen Arleo
    May 10, 2009

    That was such a lovely way to think of being a mother! I loved your endings!!! I haven’t seen you forever – let’s try and get together before school is over!!! Happy Mother’s Day!!

    Karen =)

  • Michelle
    May 11, 2009

    That was beautiful, Rebekah. And such a cute pic of your boys.