Tim Gunn and the Art of Fashion

One of the best perks of my job are the invitations I get to attend fashionable events.

This past weekend I attended two that I won’t soon forget.

In the center of Fashion Valley Mall, surrounded by shoppers and sitting a top a bar stool stage right, was the gracious man of style himself–Tim Gunn. Known and loved for his role of mentoring and supporting the fledgling designers of the Project Runway TV show.  Gunn brings class and kindness to TV–a place becoming more and more devoid of both every day.

The Fashion Valley event featured designers Kate Spade, Juicy Couture, and Lucky Brand.  Gunn talked about the clothing lines, but all within the context of his signature styling tips for everyday women. The hottest tip–if you’re petite, then almost nothing that looks good on the runway will look good on you. Gunn spared no one and told it like is; which I appreciate. Before anyone goes out shopping for the hottest trend, Gunn says, take a good honest look at your own body and shop ONLY for what looks good on you!

Next up, the fourth annual Art of Fashion presentation held at the Timken Museum of Art. A charity event designed to raise money for the educational programs offered by the museum.  Pairing FCC students with a Timken  masterpiece of their choice, viewers could speak with the young designers on-hand, and query them on their inspiration, textile choices, and styling options.  The food, the champagne, the designs, the art, and the company all made for a lovely evening.

Some days I feel very lucky. On others…I’m not so sure.

Suit by Kate Spade at Fashion Valley Mall pic by Hannah Armour
Art of Fashion at the Timken Museum of Art
Tim Gunn at Fashion Valley Mall pic by Hannah Armour
Art of Fashion at the Timken Museum of Art