The Rubber Rose

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Valentine’s Day deeply confuses me.  I’m never sure what to do or how to celebrate. Does one buy Gifts, cards or chocolates?

I know a couple who spends every Valentine’s Day at an expensive restaurant, the kind of place that has a special fixed price menu offering several courses of heart shaped food and sculptural desserts.  I know they’re being  ripped off, but I also find it a little bit romantic.

Has it become only a “Hallmark” holiday and therefore one to be scoffed at?  Historians believe the holiday has it roots in Lupercalia; an ancient Roman pagan fertility festival.  Priests would sacrifice an animal, skin it, then use the hide to whip young women. According to the greeting card industry, over one billion Valentine’s Day cards are sent every year world wide. Men out spend women two to one.

I found my inspiration and the answer to my confusion in a little shop in North Park.  If you too want to make the most of a wonderful love-infused holiday, I recommend a visit to…



The Rubber Rose:  Owned by Lea Caughlan and Carly Delso-Saavedra, The Rubber Rose is a  Sex Toy store unlike any other. Located in North Park, the store is housed in a large gallery-like space with the toys elegantly displayed and samples available to “try-out”…sort of. You can hold them and ask the staff as many questions that you like.  These ladies carry the best of the best.  They have made a commitment to “eco-friendly” and Phthalate-free.  The sex toy industry is not regulated like kids’ toys.  Phthalates have been banned in kids’ toys since 2006, studies show the plastics may cause harm in humans.  I know I don’t want that up my coochie…. 

The GiGi and the We-Vibe are the two top sellers.


GIGI: For the G-spot enthusiasts  in all of us, it has five pre-programmed modes and is virtually silent.  The battery is fully rechargeable and lasts an hour- and-a-half, certainly enough time to satisfy even the most sexually constipated.   It also comes with directions, which is nice when you’re putting something new into something treasured. 


We-Vibe: The We-Vibe is the first and only internal vibrator designed to be worn during intercourse.  Something for both parties?  Who’d think it was possible?  One end of the C-shaped vibrator cups and surrounds the clitoris with vibration.  The other end fits inside to firmly massage and vibrate the G-spot. The C-shape provides enough tension to hold the toy in place, so you can experience optimal, hands-free stimulation.  The silicone two-speed toy is completely waterproof, easy to clean, and rechargeable.

Still confused about what to buy for your loved one on Valentine’s Day ?