Tackling Hemlines–2013

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I dutifully watched the fashion of the all the Hollywood celebs at the People’s Choice Awards this year. I was kinda’ impressed by (generally speaking) how little flesh the women chose to flaunt.

I like the new lower hemlines and fancy dresses that seem to stand out on their own. And I love that women aren’t feeling pressured to have the girls hangin’ out for everyone to see. Call me old-fashioned or simply classy, I thought across a variety of ages, the women rocked it this year.

When I’m in the mood for a new dress, which is always, I usually stop in at Capricorn Boutique in Bird Rock, Vocabulary Boutique in Little Italy, Lisilla in La Jolla, Buffalo Exchange in Pacific Beach, Francesca’s in La Jolla, or  Pink Lagoon in Solana Beach.

A few of my faves–

Casey Wilson
Jensen Ackles
Olivia Munn
Sandra Bullock