Psyched for Peplums

Posted on 1 min read

I’ve found my new perfect style.

For years I’ve looked at peplums and thought they were silly looking. Another added frill at the waist?  Seemed like over-kill to me.

How wrong I was. Turns out, it’s the perfect dress for that mid-waist pooch–not that I have one lol—this dress style is oh so flattering!

I bought 2 peplum style dresses yesterday in 2 different colors–both from H & M at $49.99 each–love them!!!

I can’t wait to find more.
And just sayin’, when I was in NY for Fashion Week last February, peplums were all over the runway for Fall….I admit it, sometimes it takes me a while to catch on.

Top Shop $96.00.


A variety of colors and styles.
H & M $49.99.