Post Holiday Shopping…..

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I didn’t have many gifts under my tree this past Christmas.

I chose instead to spend my money on a trip to San Francisco with my son. We spend three quick days with my cousin Liz and her wonderful sons Gabe and Caleb.  We ate, we  laughed, and walked miles.

Upon my return I found I was in need of a little treat for myself, and discovered what many people have probably known forever…AFTER the holidays, EVERYTHING goes on sale!

A successful trip this past week to 2 of my favorite boutiques, Amore and Capricorn, added a boost to wardrobe with a gentle impact on my wallet…In both cases, I was able to secure 50%-75% off.

Balenciaga bag

This is not the bag I bought

The one I got is Italian, it is blue, it’s the same great shape, BUT…it’s so much less than Balenciaga it’s shameful.

If you’re interested in checking out these two wonderful boutiques, they’re both have really big sales right now.