My best NYFW evah!!!!

I saw over 20 shows in New York and every time I cover this massive event, it’s a different experience.

This time, I was able to go backstage for the first time–not too different from all my years in the theater with the exception of the intense security and squabbles over passes.

I found myself this time around a lot less concerned over whether the clothes were wearable or not. I met the artisans behind the clothing lines, and the beauty people behind the super-models, so I was more impressed by the creativity and less by the everyman aspect.

Here are  a few of my favorite moments, people, and clothing concepts.


Model Jonathan Marquez and hair expert Cesar Ramirez
Designer Nicholas K. One of the most inventive designers I saw.
The face of Candela.


Chadwick Bell...reminding me of my days in the 80's.
Designer Luis Venezuela--the Green Shows...all handmade with organic cotton and silk, and metal thread
Betsy Johnson--by far my favorite show. Fun, energetic, and different for her line.
Designer Gregory Parkinson--the show was not only beautiful, but presented in the basement of a restaurant in Chelsea--enter through the kitchen. Cool.