Jolie Femme-Lingerie Boutique

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“One visit to the lingerie boutique, Jolie Femme, and you too can learn how to be the “other woman”—or at least dress like her,” says Jolie Femme owner Sheree Clock.

The average woman that shops in Jolie Femme is looking for a traditional well-fitting bra, but they also buy a lot of  “fantasy” lingerie.

Jolie Femme sells the industry standards as well as the fun stuff. The number one best selling bras by Le Mystere and Cosa Bella panties to name a few.  The store is the only boutique in California that has been certified by Le Mystere as a bra fit specialist.  Clock says she has out-of-town clients who will call ahead and make appointments to be fit as soon as their vacation plans are made.  “A woman should be re-fit for a bra every six months. Things change and shift all the time,” Clock says.

Jolie Femme also has a small but substantial “Intimate Moments” section of store, a bridal registry, and a potpourri of bachelorette gifts and games.

Whether it’s a much-needed foundation garment, or something to spice things up in the bedroom, Clock is hoping lingerie boutiques can ride out the harsh economic times.

After thirty years of selling women’s lingerie, Clock says boutique stores like Jolie Femme are becoming a thing of the past, but she’s here for now. Located in the Flower Hill Mall in Del Mar.