Fab Friday Finds!

Posted on 1 min read

I am a movie fanatic. It’s what I do for fun, when I’m down, out with friends, in a good mood, or in a frantic state to see everything before the Oscars.

So, when I heard about the newest theatre to open in Del Mar,  Cineopolis Luxury movie theaters, I was on it like white on rice.

Located in the Del Mar Highlands strip mall, along with one of my favorite boutiques, Lolo, my son and I arrived to a true movie-goer fantasy land.  Huge leather over-stuffed seats, (complete with foot rests), and surround-sound that literally vibrates your butt.

I was in heaven. Now, the difficult part–the cost. At $20 per ticket, plus dinner, it was a $75 night…yikes.

But I can definitely see this as a fantastic date night, or fun ladies evening; but with kids???—not so much.